A harshly placed ‘saddle’ to blame for Keystone spill?

… harshly placed concrete "saddle" designed to keep the Keystone pipeline from floating upward in marshy land during construction cause the crude oil pipeline's leak? That's seems to be the preliminary finding by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's report on the Nov. 16 spill.

Crews Contain Leak From Oilfield In SE OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY -. Crews say they have managed to contain an oil spill on the southeast side of the metro, Thursday afternoon. Firefighters and hazmat crews responded to the scene near SE 55th Street and S. High Avenue due to the leak, that authorities say stemmed from a nearby oilfield site.

Oil Leak Detected From Where Kaiwai Sank

Oil has been spotted leaking from the area where the landing barge, Kaiwai, sank. But there was no indication yet whether this was from drums onboard or from the vessel itself. Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji personnel are expected to go out to Yasawa and assess the situation. It could also not be …

New Caledonia oil spill came from stranded container ship

Globules of oil have been washing ashore along New Caledonia's eastern coasts, prompting authorities to issue a marine pollution alert. Although test results are not in yet, Mr Lataste said the ship owners have assumed responsibility and will pay for the clean-up effort now underway. He said when the …

New Caledonia oil spill came from stranded container ship

He said when the ship ran onto Durand Reef in July, it carried 752 tonnes of fuel – most of which was pumped out in the hope of being able to refloat the ship. He said four tonnes are still in the wrecked ship and cannot be pumped out. In recent days small globules have washed ashore in Lifou, Ouvea …