Emergency Officials Respond to Chemical Spill at Ethel Walker School

Emergency officials were still on scene at The Ethel Walker School late Thursday morning for a chemical spill on the third floor of the main classroom building. Fire Marshal Kevin Kowalski said emergency crews responded at approximately 9:19 a.m. for a
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100cm x 44M Chemical/Universal Absorbent Roll

100cm x 44M Chemical/Universal Absorbent Roll

Size: 100cm x 44M Pack Sorbency: 200Litres Pack Qty: 1 Specifically for use with chemical and hazardous liquids. Bright yellow colour to indicate hazardous material. Use in all areas of chemical plant
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Products from Serpro – Free U.K. delivery of industrial absorbents and spill management products.

Single Weight Bonded Oil Only Absorbent Pad Single Weight Bonded Oil Only Absorbent Pad

Size: 40cm x 50cm
Pack qty: 200
Pack sorbency: 85L

Incredibly versatile Bonded Single Weight oil only absorbent mat which can be used inside or outdoors, in the wet or dry.

SERPRO Oil Only Pads are designed to float upon water and exclusively absorb the oil

These particular absorbent pads are ideal for the absorbtion of hydrocarbon leaks. They are an ideal solution for remote employees in the field in cases where operating close to any water and the potential for oil, or fuel, pollution is significant. Since they simply just soak up the hydrocarbon liquid they are often put into use as oil spill skimmers in wetlands or streams.

SERPRO Oil Only products are recommended when you need to blanket a larger leak either indoor or out in the open and when soaking up only the oil, and not the water, is absolutely necessary.



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