Oil leak partially closes Green Man tunnel on A12 in Leytonstone

AN OIL leak partially closed a road for two hours this morning. Police are still on the scene clearing the spill after a car collided with the side of the Green Man tunnel on the A12 in Leytonstone at about 7.30am, leaking oil over the northbound
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Double Weight Bonded Oil Only Absorbent Pad

Double Weight Bonded Oil Only Absorbent Pad

Size: 40cm x 50cm Pack qty: 100 Pack sorbency: 85L Extremely versatile Bonded Double Weight oil only pad that can be used indoors or outdoors, in the wet or dry. SERPRO Oil Only Pads will float on wa
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Products from Serpro – Free U.K. delivery of industrial absorbents and spill management products.

EVO DRi Gypsum Absorbent Granules 20L bag EVO DRi Gypsum Absorbent Granules 20L bag

100% Recycled Gypsum

20 Litre Bag
Single Bag

Made by a unique patented process this 100% recycled gysum is made into a highly absorbent granule. EVO-Dri absorbs oils, fuels, coolants, degreaser, mild acids and caustics, paints, solvents and most liquids and can be used on hard surfaces wherever oils, fuels, chemicals and liquids are stored, handled and spilt

• Ideal for road-side spills, service stations, workshops, parking areas, re-fueling areas, paint shops and automotive workshops.
• Gypsum granules between 4-6mm ideal for removing all liquid spills from concrete, bitumen and painted surfaces.
• Ideal for secondary clean up of spills when a final 'polishing' absorbent is required.
• Absorbs and cleans up most oils, fuels, solvents, coolant, degreasers, mild acids, bases, paints, inks, dyes and other water based liquids.
• EVO-Dri eliminates slippery surfaces, reduces potential slip hazards and improves safety in the workplace.

• Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.
• EVO-Dri is compatible with, and absorbs mild acids and bases. The suitability with a specific chemical should be confirmed by sample testing. We can provide samples as required.
• Absorbents retain the characteristics of the absorbed liquid. Appropriate PPE should be worn and disposal of used absorbents should be in accordance with local regulations.


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