Ric Roman Waugh to Direct a Movie About the BP Oil Spill Disaster

Even though the BP oil spill happened over two years ago, its effects are still being felt not only in the affected region, but in pop culture. "South Park" had an episode devoted to the disaster, and the recent pilot episode of Aaron Sorkin's "The
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Double Weight Bonded Oil Only Absorbent Pad

Double Weight Bonded Oil Only Absorbent Pad

Size: 40cm x 50cm Pack qty: 100 Pack sorbency: 85L Extremely versatile Bonded Double Weight oil only pad that can be used indoors or outdoors, in the wet or dry. SERPRO Oil Only Pads will float on wa
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Products from Serpro – Free U.K. delivery of industrial absorbents and spill management products.

2 Oil Only Absorbent Bilge Socks 2 Oil Only Absorbent Bilge Socks

Size: 50cm x 8cm dia
Pack qty: 2
Pack sorbency: 4.5L
Supplied with 2 metres of cord.


Specially designed slim-line bilge socks with high capacity sorbency that soak up oil in the bilge. Our Bilge socks are made with eyelets which allows you to tie the cord, supplied, to a convenient point to keep it in place and away from the bilge pump.

SERPRO Oil Only bilge booms are designed to float on water and exclusively soak up the oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons. The Sock is left in the bilge and will float on the water surface capturing floating fuel or oil contaminants. This helps keep the bilge clean and also helps prevent unlawful discharges to controlled waters.

Exceptionally useful bilge booms are an inexpensive method of preventing pollution which also have the potential to be put to use inside or outdoors, in the wet or dry.

Bilge socks are reccomended for use by The Green Blue, part of the joint environmental programme with the British Marine Federation.


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